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  • ...*reads* oh look she put me on it as well, let me just read this part and... *reads my shoutout* Aweeeee BLUSHES!! Thank you do much for that. Um about my quiz series. I was already thinking of

    combining my 'Fearless' series with my other new 'The Mer Prophecy' series and adding a little more taste and more of not so perfect lives for the charactets so I stopped both and got out 'Another story' part one and I'm trying to work out part 2. But why am I talking about me right now I should be talking about u. Your so nice I totally love the series and I cannot wait to read the epilogue .. Or is it called something else? Hm, any way , I got my shots and my left arm is KILLING ME wry time I move. Thank you so much for mentioning me, and the other people that are part of our sisterhood (maybe brotherhood) here in gotoquiz that have an account and who do not but knowledge this. I hope you'll make another series.

  • omg guise, teresa gave me a shout out!!11
    *fangirl scream*

    aw, thank you so much! I still can't believe that I was the one that inspired you :o And really, I owe you much more thanks because you've been there supporting me through almost all my quiz series, if not all of them, and I just really appreciate you and I'm just really happy. :')

  • Awwwhhh, thanks for the shout-out! :3 I know my main series is way too long XD it's going to end up longer too because I'm not close to an end o.o if you want, though, you could check out my other series "The Other Side". It's only 5 parts long... but it might be confusing, I don't know :X basically, it's the same story as my main, but it's being told from the so-called "bad side". It's fine if you don't read any of my writing as long as YOU keep writing! =)

  • @Dannica and it all started with an apocalypse quiz and hitting the random button. XD I have taken all of them. :)

    @xxbluit okay, is that on your channel? :) account thing

    @pho thanks. ^.^

  • damn it i wasent in ti oh well maybe next time but on the other hand 10 STARS YAAAAAY i liked your quiz of thankyous to the random people i dont know but i have never known someone i didnt know so much so thank full thats a complement

  • @Teresa22 haha, yes it is

    @Dannica omg Dannica is fangirling! XD *cheers and is happy with her*

  • YAY! i got a shoutout. thank you teresa.

    i comment because i really like the stories ^.^

    oh, and you are nice too.ha, and you are funny.

    anyway thanks for the shout out :)


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