Amazing One Direction Love Story

So I know alot of people are making this quizzes and that is what inspired me to do my own. I hope you lile them as much as I will enjoy making them.

Okay so this is about One Direction this amazing birtish boy band who has these super hot guys in it. So I hope you like. Comment, rate or whatever! Enjoy

Created by: KaylaMarie

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  1. So this is my first love story. So hope you guys like it
  2. Your dream has come true. You are finally moving to England. Yay. This has been you dream since childhood. It also helps that ONE DIRECTION lives there. This is your first time out on your own away from home. You are excited but scared at the same time.
  3. You step off the plane in England to what seems like a million girls screaming there heads off waving posters and wearing shirts that say One Directio. You suddenly start screaming like a fan girl yourself when you realize how close they could be. Finally you gain controll of yourself and gather you bags heading toward a taxi.
  4. After trying to hail down several taxis you finally get this giantic one. You turn around to get you bags not noticing five guys climbing into the car from the other side.
  5. You throw your bags in the trunk and reach for the door of the taxi. You pause knowing this car takes to your future home.
  6. Finally you start to open the car door amd climb but as you do you fall im amd land on you back facing up to five handsome faces.
  7. You stare in amazment at these faces. Somehow you manage to say sorry and say you didnt think this cab was occupied. You start to get up to leave but one of the guys grabs your hand and tells you to stay.......... (who was it?)
  8. Comment please i wanna hear your thoughts
  9. Okay so im running out of things to say. So who is your favorite band member
  10. Last one finally! Woo!

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