How Much Do You Know About One Direction?

Are you a true Directioner or are you just a random person looking for a quiz to pass the time? Either way, this quiz will show just how much you know about these lovely and handsome British/Irish boys!

You think you can beat this quiz? Well, maybe if you're really good at googling or are a fan of the boys. Take this quiz to find out your knowledge! And remember to have fun!

Created by: kmz00

  1. What's Harry's middle name?
  2. When is Louis' birthday?
  3. WTF is a _____?
  4. What is Louis' child's name?
  5. Which one was Liam's girlfriend?
  6. How tall does Louis claim to be?
  7. Gotta _____?
  8. This isn't a ride! _____?
  9. How many siblings does Niall have?
  10. What day did Zayn leave?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About One Direction?