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There are many smart people in Leicestershire, but how many true geniuses? Genius is, after all, quite exceptional. What is a genius? A genius is someone who has an extraordinarily clever mind. Can you triumph in our Leicestershire 2013 quiz?

How well do you know Leicestershire and how much attention have you been paying over the past 12 months to what's been going on? We've got some tricky general knowledge, history, geography, film, music and sport questions to see just what you know.

Created by: Leicester Mercury
  1. Who is Leicester’s Lord Mayor?
  2. What is Leicestershire’s motto?
  3. A near-identical twin to Edwin Lutyens’ war memorial in Leicester can be found in which city in the Commonwealth?
  4. Who is Sir Clive Loader?
  5. Richard III was killed in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. How long did he reign before his date with a car park?
  6. When was the Siege of Leicester?
  7. When did Leicester become a city?
  8. When did Rutland win its independence from Leicestershire?
  9. Which is the most northerly place in Leicestershire?
  10. Where would you find the mouth of the River Soar?
  11. Which place is NOT in Leicestershire?
  12. Which county town was originally known as Long Lane?
  13. Which actor from the X-Men films once taught at Uppingham School?
  14. Which star of TV gorefest Games of Thrones spent his student days at Leicester Poly?
  15. Foodie comedy Jadoo is a love letter to Leicester. Who directed it?
  16. Radio Leicester football commentator Ian Stringer appeared on which reality TV show?
  17. Sam Bailey began her journey to X Factory victory with a judge-beguiling rendition of which song by Beyoncé?
  18. Sam bailey is top of the charts with her debut single Skyscraper. Which one of these Leicestershire bands and singers have never had a number one single?
  19. Which band shot a video to their March top 30 single Indian Summer at Leicestershire’s Great Central Railway and Braunstone Gate’s Music Cafe?
  20. Which veteran rockers headlined Download this year?
  21. Leicester Tigers were formed from an amalgamation of three rugby clubs. Which of the following was NOT part of the trio?
  22. Four slebs. Which one is NOT a Leicester City fan
  23. Who were Hinckley United’s final opponents before the club went into liquidation in October?
  24. In March, Leicester Riders, the oldest club in British basketball, secured their first ever league title. Who did they beat?
  25. Leicester University pulled off the archaeological find of the century by unearthing the body of Richard III in Leicester. Which group of faint relatives is opposing moves to reinter his remains at Leicester Cathedral?
  26. Leicester lost out to Hull in a bid to take the City of Culture crown. Which TV screenwriter chaired the judging panel?
  27. In February, MP Keith Vaz was filmed on the karaoke machine in a Leicester pub, warbling the words to a tune from a hit movie soundtrack. What was the song?
  28. Leicester-born-and-bred author Colin Wilson, one of British literature’s Angry Young Men in the 1950s, died this month. What was the title of the book that made his name?

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