How Well Do You Know Mercury?

In this quiz, there is facts and information you should have learned about the planet Mercury. If you properly read the previous page, then you should be able to adequetly answer any and all of these questions.

This quiz will help test how well you can absorb and remember things you have recently read. This page will only contain questions that were answered on the previous page. I wish you good luck and hope you do well.

Created by: Consetta
  1. How close is Mercury to the Sun?
  2. How many Earth days does it take for Mercury to revolve around the Sun?
  3. When Mercury appeared to be two objects, what was the name Greek astronomers gave the side visible at sunrise?
  4. What is Mercury often compared to?
  5. What is the astronomical symbol for Mercury?
  6. What type of core does Mercury have?
  7. What is Mercury's apparent magnitude?
  8. When where the first telescope observations made of Mercury?
  9. Who made the first observations of Mercury?
  10. Which was the first spacecraft to visit Mercury?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Mercury?