You're an Alien!

Not everyone is from earth. But if you are an alien, what kind? Each planet has a different kind of alien living there. Could you be from Mars? Jupiter? Saturn? Venus? Neptune? Another dimension?

I don't like the 2 paragraph thing so I'll fill up the rest with random stuff. The following are all fruits: Apple Apricot Avocado Banana Breadfruit Bilberry Blackberry BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Created by: Page P.
  1. A new friend takes you to an ice cream store, you get...
  2. Choose a word to describe yourself
  3. you win a trip anywhere in the world! Where will you go?
  4. Aliens are...
  5. Pick a planet!
  7. Icing should taste...
  8. Choose a plant
  9. What shape pasta will you eat?
  10. you are a pig in the three little piggies. you build your house out of...
  11. Truth or Dare?
  12. You had a dream about school. You got in a fight and then your crush hugged you. You think...
  13. Pick an animal.

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