What Ben10 alien hero are you ?

I am sure that many of you like watching the legendary anime series and many of you may want to know that which alien hero you are like.Well if you do so, then this quiz is for you.

This quiz shows that how much are you familiar with your favourite alien hero.Get this quiz to know that which alien hero.So what are you waiting for go for it !

Created by: Anurps
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where would you want to have your omnitrix sign ?
  2. What power would you want to have ?
  3. Which is your favourite colour ?
  4. Do you think aliens are real ?
  5. Which of these words best describe you ?
  6. Which of these body parts do you think is most important ?
  7. Do you believe in luck
  8. What do you think an alien is ?
  9. Do you like Ben10 ?
  10. Which villain would you like to fight ?
  11. Which element do you prefer ?

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Quiz topic: What Ben10 alien hero am I ?