alien personailty quiz

you are a true hero I have never seen such perfect results you really must be a hero on the other side of your computer so I congratulate you on your win because I worship you now.

you were quite good but I have seen better from other people you might of passed or failed although its hard to tell because I'm not a mind reader ya know.

Created by: jamie
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  1. your in your house fast asleep until a loud sound wakes you up and you see that aliens are outside and are about to enter your house what do you do?
  2. an alien sees you and trys to shoot you!
  3. the alien calls its friends and then they trap you in a blue light what are they doing to you?
  4. you immediately see that they turned you into a alien too then the aliens walk away what do you do to them
  5. they start to drag you away so you can join them what do you do?
  6. you manage to escape but what do you do now
  7. you find an entire group of remaining but they think your a alien and aim guns at you what do you do?!
  8. they decide to trust you and ask what you should all do what do you do?
  9. 5 of your guards bring you a alien family with a baby and you do need information so what do you do?
  10. they tell you how to get into the ship and later you are near the mothership but it is heavily guarded and which way should you strike?
  11. you manage to get into the ship with a few others but there are still some soldiers blocking your path how do you get past them.
  12. you manage to get to the leader of the aliens and if you kill him then you can stop the invasion for good but you have no soldiers left you either fight him alone or give up now what will it be?
  13. you defeat the leader but the mothership will blow up in 15 seconds you try to escape but there's no way out so what do you do now
  14. your efforts are futile you see that this is the end what do you do has your last action?
  15. you are immediately teleported off the ship and onto a nearby hill and you are immediately transformed back into a human anyway what do you think got you off the ship?

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