Your Alien Name

Aliens. We've all heard stories about THEM invading Earth and such. Well, THEY don't get a cool name, huh? Kind of like how we have Earthlings, isn't that cool? And I don't think we even know any Alien-ish names that much.

What's YOUR Alien name? Do you have 'ghoul' abilities as an Alien? We've all heard the stories, but never heard the real names and 'ghoul' abilities! Let's see what yours is!

Created by: Wolvesnfree
  1. Oh no, a ship (space ship) just crashed and you think your friend was on it! What now?
  2. *Is asleep*(Now what do you do?)
  3. It's an awesome day on Foreign Alien Planet, so what're ya gonna sing?
  4. . . . The Randoms . . .
  5. Favorite Alien Dragon Name
  6. If you had a Wolf you'd name it . . .
  7. Pick one . . . .
  9. Your mix of mythology
  10. Can you guess the rest? "Monster,Monster High, monster high, monster, monster high, come on don't be shy . . . "
  11. FOOD. . . .
  12. Final question that determines every thing . . . (Naw, i just like saying that stuff to scare you.) : ) The name you like the most

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