Which Sailor Scout are you?

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Do you like Sailor Moon? If you want to know which of the 10 sailor scouts your most like (not including sailor stars) take this quiz FOR GIRLS ONLY.

On this quiz you will take a bunch of personality questions and then the computer will match you up with the sailor scout your most like. The results will only include Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto. Also I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Created by: Dakota Castle
  1. Are you the smartest of your friends?
  2. Do you believe you are more mature than your friends?
  3. Would you give up your life for the safety of others?
  4. Are you a tom-boy or a girly girl?
  5. What color do you wish your hair was?
  6. What is your favorite element?
  7. Are you the leader of your group of friends?
  8. Do you follow your dreams or do you want to but you have more important things you have to do?
  9. Are you an outcast in school?
  10. Is your hair short or long?

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Quiz topic: Which Sailor Scout am I?