The Alphabetical Sailor Moon Quiz

Hello, and welcome to my Sailor Moon Quiz. This is a quiz made of questions' answers that go alphabetically. For example: Question 1 starts with an answer that starts with A OR CONTAINS such letter, but be careful! There might be some troll questions! So have a bit of general knowledge!

So about the quiz, it's just Sailor Moon. I contained questions out of all seasons, no Crystal maybe, (i didn't see) But anyways, please enjoy my quiz, I took 4 days to make this.

Created by: HailIvanSacchi
  1. Contains A: Name of Sailor Saturn
  2. B: Name of the main villain on Season 1.
  3. C: Usagi's daughter is:
  4. D: The same way to represent the Heart Snatchers
  5. Contains E: Haruka's Surname
  6. F: The Green Starlight's name
  7. Contains G: What the sailors are to ***** (not a cuss, it' hidden) something
  8. H: Alliance of Antagonists composed of these: Ail and Ann
  9. Contains I: Surname and Name of Sailor Mercury
  10. J: Name of planet that Makoto represents while fighting as a sailor
  11. K: Neptune's Surname
  12. L: Name of a cat
  13. M: Name of Tuxedo Mask
  14. N: Number of sailors' name that begin with the letter N
  15. O: Number of Sailors' name that contain the letter O.
  16. P: Name of Witch 5 that could split its self to a red clone
  17. Contains Q: Name of sailor Pluto in the Spanish Dub of Sailor Moon
  18. R: First name of chibi usa in Sailor Moon dubs around the world
  19. S: Alternative way of saying Sailor Scouts.
  20. T: Setsuna's name in the usa dub.
  21. U: Joke used on a planet a sailor is on.
  22. Contains V: Chi and Phi were _________ of Sailor Galaxia
  23. W: In Season 1, Sailor Mercury was in the ______ of the 5 fake sailor guardians and she got killed.
  24. X: Xenon is a:
  25. Contains Y: Way of how Rei is spelt in CataloƱan dub.
  26. (pretty sure you won't get this. :D)Contains Z: Surname of a crew member in the production of Sailor Moon's first anime season

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