How 'lesta' are you?

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Are you from Leicester? Lived in Leicester a long time? Keep visiting the place so much that you feel you know it like the back of your hand? Then come try the 'How Lesta are you?' Quiz.

How Leicester are are? Have you only ever see the sign at the train station or do you know what a pork pie is and where its roundabout could be found?

Created by: Paula Bell
  1. You have ever met someone at the Clock Tower
  2. You have worked at Walkers Crisps...
  3. You had fish and chips from 'Grimmers' (Grimsby Fishery)
  4. You have shook your booty at Krystals nightclub
  5. You miss the old sector 5/alcatraz
  6. The 'Globe' was your world..
  7. You have walked along the River Soar & canal
  8. You have cycled down the Great Central Way
  9. You refer to the Town Hall Square as 'the fountain'
  10. You have smelt the fish market
  11. You've bought a bargain bowl of fruit at the market
  12. Have you ever sneakily fed the pigeons at the fountain at town hall square?
  13. Have you or let your children chase pigeons at the fountain at town hall square?
  14. Know who the statue is of outside the Train Station?
  15. You've ate something from Brucciani's
  16. You've ate a pork pie
  17. You know where pork pie roundabout is
  18. You have burnt your insides on a world class curry
  19. You still call The Highcross The Shires
  20. You have seen Santa climb down the side of the old Lewis's
  21. You have seen the black swan near frog island
  22. You have chilled out at the Caribbean Carnival
  23. You have seen the diwali lights
  24. You have seen the Nativity at the Town Hall Square
  25. You have walked through the Silver Arcade, Odean Arcade and Malcolm Arcade
  26. You have treated yourself to something from a shop in St Martins Square
  27. You've walked around (and on) the ruins at Abbey Park
  28. You or your children have been brave enough to go down the slide at Bede Park
  29. You know the last plantagenet is King Richard III and not just a cheap pub on Granby Street
  30. Ever called (or been called) 'ma duck'
  31. You've climbed to the top of Old John

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Quiz topic: How 'lesta' am I?