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  • Eh up mi duck got out of bed on the wrong side, had a sense of humour bypass or are you just another tedious troll?

    "The only people who care how leiscster they are are people from leicester" (C&P) - isn't that the whole point of the quiz?

    Leicestershire people are known as woolly-backs after the famous breed of sheep, so you hit the nail on the head with your opening sentence - well done.

  • stop this much hate! So what if she/he made a quiz about leicster? Why does it matter? Not like it's going to hurt you.

    And also chocolatefrog you really think it's OK to call someone sheep without even knowing if they are a sheep? It's also offensive, because people say sheep are dumb (they aren't really) and you were literally saying he/she was dumb.

    The point of this quiz isn't for offensive and rude comments. It's just a town-quiz, and we don't want to make that a blotch of drama.

    Pls think before you comment on someone's quiz.

  • What a sheep, did you see one of these quizzes on Facebook and had to make one about your own town? There are tonnes of these quizzes about every place in england that have appeared on here in the space of two days since the Essex one.

    The only people who care how leiscster they are are people from leicester, can you not copy what the stupid essex person did - none of you have a mind of your own.

  • These place quizzes should not be in the top 40, you really can't think for yourselves everyone who has made one of these about their own town.


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