Dearest Readers

Dearest readers, I've found myself back here once again. I realize that I've been gone for quite a while and what makes me sad to admit, is that I had forgotten about GTQ for a while. But now that I'm back shorter or for a longer period of time, (you'll find out why later) I've found myself feeling several emotions since being back

A certain amount of SADNESS since I had forgotten, HAPPINESS when reading the comments on my last issue of The Girl Who Lived, and even IRRITATION as I'm filling out this quiz right now and having to fill in at least one hundred and fifty characters. But anywho, this quiz regards the FATE of The Girl Who Lived (since I don't think I could make the decision myself without the opinions of you guys)

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. I'd like to address a couple things on this quiz
  2. Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to everyone. I never expected to have this much attention on the Girl Who Lived. I figured it'd be like several of the fan fictions out there ( most of them are alike in one way or another. I'm sure you know what I mean). But after writing it forĀ a while not only did I find it enjoyable (to write), but others did as well. After being gone from this website for so long (I almost forgot I had an account on this website), I found the responses from my last release positive and partially threatening (for the next part). This has me reconsider writing the series.
  3. Before I move on, there are some people I'd like to thank: NATHALIEGP (I don't think I spelled that right) who gave me the inspiration, MCQUEEN who has given me the confidence, XXBLUTIXX who gave me guidance, MUSIC826 who was so supportive, PYRAPOTTER/ BLAHH45/ DEATH_THE_KID_13/ JTHEGREAT/ & QUIZ_LOVER432 for the threateningly sweet comments on my last quiz
  4. Why I stopped writing: This happened probably because of a couple of reasons. I found myself often having writers block. If it was really bad, I'd take a couple weeks off from writing. One day, I decided to take a long break from writing. That break led from days, to weeks, to months, and even more months.
  5. REASON 2: This long break gave me plenty of time to think. Soon, I found myself with a new idea for a book (posted on wattpad only). I found myself immersed in ideas for the book (it's called ALLYSON IN THE UNDERLAND. You can probably guess what it's about. But, it's basically a darker version of Alice in Wonderland with several twists and it's centered around her daughter). These ideas kept me so preoccupied (I was basically creating a new world) that I forgot about finishing THE GIRL WHO LIVED
  6. THIRD THING/THIRD REASON: As all of us fellow quizmakers on GTQ know, making an individual quiz can be quite a pain. There almost is no easy part to this process. If you're not a quiz maker, let me fill you in. There are a certain number of questions needed, you need a beginning, middle and conclusion with at least 150 characters, and you have to fill out each indvidual answer for each question. Making these quizzes ended up taking me quite a long time which is why I've mostly switched to wattpad. The process to upload it is so much quicker. All it is, is a click away. But IF I continue to write THE GIRL WHO LIVED, I will most likely post the parts on here as well.
  7. The "IF" PART: I feel as though I need to address this as well. This is partially why I'm making this quiz. To be honest, I've had many thoughts on stopping the production of TGWL. But after seeing the positive reviews I've gotten on here and wattpad, I decided to rethink it. There are 2 options. Vote here. A). I basically retire the series And post what I had written and been too lazy to post finished, or unfinished. B). I continue the series BUT, there will probably be long intervals in between it is released (better than nothing) since I will be working on this and Allyson in the Underland simultaneously
  8. With that, Happy New Years
  9. Well, this is kind of awkward....
  10. -Chopinssonata (find me on wattpad to read my other stories)

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