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there are many writers and readers that are around are you the amazing reader. well amazing readers are after all, people who will understand the books meaning and text

are you the amazing reader? well do you have the brainpower to understand my story if you do take my quiz now and you will find out if you can qualify

Created by: MALIK123
  1. i went to school and i got an email from an unknown contact
  2. and it said: dear Natasha, one direction want you to come to L.A. and meet them! hope you can see me!-zayn. from, 1DHQ
  3. then i wondered " why is zayn's name in the letter when it is from 1DHQ?"
  4. and an idea popped inside my head and i said " maybe zayn wrote the part were it said hope you can see me."
  5. and then someone tapped on my shoulder.
  6. and i turned and he said "are you Natasha?" and i said "yes i am Natasha" and i asked "who is this" and he turned and said "i am zayn malik's driver.
  7. " i was supposed to come and get you and take you to L.A. and meet zayn."
  8. i then thought " me meeting zayn is this a dream?"and he said " lets go Natasha."
  9. then i flipped! i ran to the bus and got in and then we left when we got to L.A, there were 4 boys holding up a sign that said "are you Natasha,c'mon,c'mon over and meet zayn
  10. it had an arrow pointing to a chair and the fifth boy was sitting in that chair
  11. i ran to him and said YOUR ZAYN! AND HE SAID "yes Natasha i am am zayn and the only reason i came here was to ask you.........................
  12. do you want to live with 1D for 5 months? and my jaw dropped.
  13. i kissed him and said "YES!" and he said "lets go!" and he grabbed my hand and put me in the bus and we went to London.
  14. as we got to London,we went to tour London and i said "London is beautiful and with a smirk on his face, zayn said " not as beautiful as you."
  15. i smiled and kissed him passionately
  16. when we got to a flat the bus door opened all of us got out and went into the flat.
  17. me and zayn shared a room together
  18. and the others had separate rooms
  19. then the next day,zayn and the other boys tried to sing its time to get up
  20. and then me, half awake sat up in bed and then zayn look at me with his brown eyes and said
  21. " good morning love"
  22. i got up and got dressed and walked out into our living-room and a breakfast feast on the table.
  23. i asked zayn who is this for
  24. zayn said "this meal is for you babe!"
  25. then i smirked and ran to him and kissed him
  26. i ran to the table and ate my breakfast and said " this is really good pasta zayn!" and then he said i didn't make it, harry did!"
  27. and then i looked and smiled at harry and then went to harry and kissed him on the cheek to say " thanks sweet cheeks."and he bushed

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