Do You Know Your Zayn Malik From 1D?

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There are many people who love or know 1 Direction. There are many people who love Zayn. Then there are poeple who think that they know Zayn. Do YOU think you know Zayn enough to answer these questions?

Zayn is one of the 5 (Hot and cute) members of the Famous british band called 1 Directiion. if you are a person who loves 1 Direction, then you are called a directioner! Be sure to check out my other Quizes for Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis!

Created by: Jordan Tomlinson

  1. What is Zayn's Favourite colour?
  2. What is Zayn's fear?
  3. How many siblings does Zayn have?
  4. Zayn is irish!
  5. Who's hand did he hold while they were getting a tattoo?
  6. At what age does Zayn want to get married before?
  7. He was born with this name "Zayn"
  8. What shoe size is zayn?
  9. Which ear is pirced on Zayn?
  10. How did zayn Show up on X-factor?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Zayn Malik From 1D?