How well do you know One Direction?

Are you a true directioner? Show what you know about Zayn Malik, Harry Styles,Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payn, and Niall Horan! Directionaters stink, Directioners rule!

One Direction is a British/Irish band discvered on the X-Factor and made it all the way to the judges houses! They are very talented and really good looking too...good luck!

Created by: Allison

  1. What is Louis' favorite vegtable? (easy)
  2. What is Liam's girlfriend's name?
  3. What is Louis' girlfriend's name?
  4. What is Zayn's girlfriend's name?
  5. Which Member of 1d is irish (super easy!)
  6. What color are Harry's eyes?
  7. Who is the most responsible member of 1d?
  8. Who is the oldest member of 1d?
  9. Who is the youngest member of 1d?
  10. What show did 1d go on to be discovered?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know One Direction?