How Well Do You Know One Direction??

The are very few True Directioners out there. Not very many of you guys will get every single question right. it takes a lot of skill to know this much stuff about One Direction.

Are YOU one of those that will get every question right?? Can you call yourself a true One Direction Fan?? Well why dont you take this quiz and decide that in a few minutes. Good Luck!! :)

Created by: Tayler
  1. What size shoe does Harry wear?
  2. On their "Up All Night" CD what track number is "I Wish"?
  3. Which member has the most tattoo's?
  4. If Louis could be any food, what would he be?
  5. Who has a fear of spoons?
  6. If they wernt in the band .. who would be working in a bakery?
  7. Why does Zayn want to quit smokeing?
  8. Which member doesnt like signing fans boobs?
  9. Who had a live hamster thrown at them during a concert?
  10. Up All Night was the ____th Biggerst selling album in 2011
  11. What Liam's favorite Justin Bieber song?
  12. All the baand members have matching.....
  13. Which two members are Gym Buddies?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know One Direction??