Are you a true directioners?

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don't say "imma true directioners" if you can't answer these simple facts question!!!!!!! if you are really a directioners you can answer these = you are directioners

hint : if you are a kinda 'new directioners' you can study some facts on google, tumblr, for more hints follow : @1DOnly1D on twitter. i'll give more facts! so, Happy answering

Created by: musicfandom_
  1. Which one is the Irish one?
  2. What is their first single?
  3. who like to naked?
  4. what month their album "up all night" release
  5. who play piano?
  6. what is Harry middle name?
  7. what is Liam official twitter?
  8. who is the one that the last name is Tomlinson?
  9. who create the Larry Stylinson bromace?
  10. (the last question!!) who's one of them only have 1 kidneys?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true directioners?