How well do you know one direction?

There are many people who consider themselves true directioner but are they really true directioners? This quiz will let you find out. It's kinda for advanced who think they know all the facts.

Do you know their quotes? favorite colors? Heights!?!? Well if you don't, find it out! this quiz has some of that!!! But no cheating by looking online!!

Created by: IceBabe
  1. How tall is Niall?
  2. who is the second youngest?
  3. How did they meet?
  4. Who likes girls who eat carrots?
  5. True or false: It has been rumored that a girl once threw a live hamster at Niall
  6. What is Liams favorite color?
  7. True or false: this is a quote from Niall: "i'd rather be a boy and play with paper planes then be a man a play with a woman's heart"
  8. what is the age range of the band?
  9. Ok i cant think of anymore Comment and rate? (pick first one for correct_
  10. BYEEEEEEEE (pick first one for correct answer)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know one direction?