What band do you think has the best lyrics???

I took my 5 favorite bands and took ten quotes from each. You pick your favorite quote from each question and i tell you which band you liked the most and that u should check them out on itunes.

So what band are you. I'm not gonna tell you who the bands are cuz then its unfair (in my mind). Hope you like it. Great bands, hope you like the quotes and the quiz overall.

Created by: roby

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  1. Every question is just gonna be quotes from dif songs and u just pick ur fav.
  2. heres another one
  3. number 3
  4. lets keep goin'
  5. this is the halfway mark right here, and sorry if the quotes start gettin' a little more dull
  6. im running out of options for these, only 5 more
  7. almost done, keep on goin'
  8. im gettin' kinda bored here
  9. Im struggling to stay awake here but i will finish
  10. ok, last one, u ready???

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Quiz topic: What band do I think has the best lyrics???