Are well do you know INCUBUS?

I want to know how many fans of rock music are Incubus fans. I'd like to know how many of them are actually what I call an Incubaby. An Incubus is a demon that comes in your sleep and has sex with you while you dream. The band, however, is not quite so demonic.

What is an Incubaby? To me, it is someone who has a huge love for an incredible band named Incubus. A love for their lyrics as well as their hystory as a working mural of art. I am an Incubaby. Are you?

Created by: hilikus09 of Incubaby
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  1. Why did the band members choose the name Incubus?
  2. Brandon Boyd's first solo art show was named what?
  3. There is a particular instrument used in their music that gives it the unique sound who is it played by and what is it called?
  4. Brandon Boyd was a posterchild for what store?
  5. What song from Ligh Grenades reached number one on the Modern Rock Tracks Chart?
  6. The very first incubus song ever was....
  7. Their first demo released in stores was called?
  8. Their first demo was called?
  9. Their latest video release was of what song?
  10. Latest Album released is?

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Quiz topic: Are well do I know INCUBUS?