Is There A Demonic Creature Following You?

Have you ever wondered if something demonic was following you or even watching you. Well if you take this quiz you will find out right away if you are.

Do you ever get that feeling that someone or something is watching you, or even something demonic. Well if you take this quiz you will find out right away.

Created by: CodySimpsonLuv
  1. Do you hear noises when there is supposedly nothing there?
  2. Do you get the feeling that something is watching you but nothing is there?
  3. Do you get easily freaked by horror movies?
  4. Do you have weird dreams like something is chasing you or just something demonic like?
  5. Do you see stuff but when you turn back to look at it whatever you saw is gone?
  6. Have you ever heard somebody calling your name but nobody did?
  7. Have you ever been possessed?
  8. Do you actually think a demonic creature is following you?
  9. Do you constantly see strangers staring at you?
  10. Have you ever been touched by something and when you turned to see who did it, nothing was there?

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