BON JOVI -how well do you know them??

*B*O*N* *J*O*V*I* is surely one of the best rock bands of all times, and you're surely their fan when you're here. You like their music, their songs, their lyrics..

But do you really know as much about them as you think you know? Do this test and you will find out if you are a real 100%Bon Jovi fan or you have to learn more about that great band

Created by: jelena
  1. In which of these bands Jon Bon Jovi haven't been?
  2. What year was David Bryan born?
  3. Which song are these lyrics from? ''We stared at the sun And we made a promise A promise this world would never blind us'' ?
  4. Who is the tour bassist since 1994?
  5. On VH1: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's, on the first place is:
  6. Who is the eldest member of the band?
  7. Jon Bon Jovi has 4 kids. Here are their names, but one of them is incomplete. Which one?
  8. In which song Jon Bon Jovi sings "Somebody even tells me Tommy's comin' down tonight, if Gina says it's alright," referring to the characters of "Livin' on a Prayer" ?
  9. Livin on a Prayer was one of the theme songs for the 2004 presidential campaign of..
  10. Which song was originally written for the band Loverboy, but recorded by Bon Jovi (that song was released as the first single from the album Slippery When Wet) ?
  11. Which of these albums are Jon's solo album?
  12. Which sentence in incorrect?

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Quiz topic: BON JOVI -how well do I know them??