JON BON well do you know him???

Bon Jovi...the ultimate living legends of ROCK!!! BJ fans anywhere & everywhere...this quiz isn't as hard as it might seem, even if you think they might be hard...they're so not!!!

Any BJ fan would know that they ROCK & that they're good with anything esp. charity enjoy my quiz about my all-time fave band...EVER!!! BON JOVI!!! This is a quiz about the whole band so enjoy pplz!!!

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  1. What year was he born?
  2. Their 1st hit was...
  3. Which song are these lyrics from? You said you made me and you break me You said it ain't hard to shake me
  4. What is the best Bon Jovi song of all time?
  5. What is Ticos' real first name?
  6. Which of these movies did Jon play DEREK BLISS?
  7. For just over 2 decades they've kept us entertained in every way possible...which is the best album by far?
  8. How would you rate Jon as an actor?
  9. If you know Bon Jovi well & you should ~ which song are these lyrics from? At the mirror you fix your hair and put your makeup on You're insecure about what clothes to wear I can't see nothing wrong To me you look so beautiful when you can't make
  10. Solo y tan triste estoy como um viejo piano, tan real y sin saber donde despierto sin rumbo, Porque un litro de vodka he bebido ayer Which BJ song are these lyrics (in Spanish) from?

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Quiz topic: JON BON well do I know him???