Bon Jovi test!!

A lot of people think they know Bon Jovi. But can you pass this test? its really not that hard! its quite easy actually. so get a 90% or higher and you are a true fan of Bon Jovi! theres only 10 questions....

Do you know Bon Jovi? Are you a true fan? Do you know your facts? take this test and find out.....but don't waste your time if your just going to fail! so lets prove if your a true fan!

Created by: Michaela

  1. When is Jon Bon Jovi's birthday?
  2. How many kids does Jon have?
  3. How many albums does Bon Jovi currently have out?
  4. How many awards have they recieved?
  5. Who are the current touring members of the Lost Highway tour?
  6. True or False: On June 6, 2007, Richie Sambora checked himself into rehabilitation
  7. Where is the band Bon Jovi from?
  8. Finish the Lyrics: Backdoor runner got away this time_____________
  9. Complete the lyrics: You got a hole in your _________
  10. Complete the lyrics: In my rearview_______

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