Do you REALLY know Bon Jovi?

To be a Bon Jovi genious, you need to know their album titles, songs, and band memmber info. You need to be up to date with the band's personal lives and thier music.

Do you think you know the band Bon Jovi? Well this quiz will help you find out what you REALLY know and what you THINK you know. Do you know not only about the music but about the band members themselves??? This quiz will tell you just what kind of fan you are whether you are a new fan or a long time fan. Whatever your results are I wish you the best my Jovi Brothas and Sistas!!!!Good Luck!

Created by: Michelle

  1. What year was lead singer Jon Bon Jovi born?
  2. How many cds have the BAND had?
  3. What band member was fired in the mid 90s?
  4. What was the band's top selling single of all time?
  5. Who plays the keyboards in the band?
  6. Who is the oldest current band member?
  7. What was the band's 1st album called?
  8. How many solo records has Richie had?
  9. What is Jon Bon Jovi's wife's name?
  10. How many children does Jon have?
  11. What album was considered the band's "comeback" album in released in 2000?
  12. What was thier 2004 box set of unreleased track called?
  13. What city was Jon Bon Jovi born in?
  14. Is Jon Bon Jovi AMAZING?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY know Bon Jovi?