AC/DC Mania:How much do YOU know?

Hey, You! Yeah you! Sometimes I think this quiz is kinda hot. Sometimes I think the contestants are sometimes not. Can you tell me abvout the #1 band on the earth?

Do you know song lyrics? Can you tell me the band members? Do you know the instruments? Do you know what the name means? Filled with 2 bonus and tons of great questions!

What is your age?
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Name the Song: "Business man can you make a deal..."
Back in Black
Dog Eat Dog
Given the dog a bone
You Shook Me
Name the Guitar played by the Lead Guitarist.
Gibson SG
First Act Electric 1
Flying V
Name the Singer.
Brian Johnson
Bon Scott
Billy Givens
Bon and Brian (A and B)
Name the lead guitarist.
Malcolm Young
Agnus Yung
Angus Young
Billy Givens
Cliff Hanger
Clothes Hanger
Cliff Huxtable
Cliff Williams
Phil Collins
Mo Collins
Colin Mochrie
Phil Rudd
Rhythym Guitarist?
Malcolm Young
Malcom Yung
Malcolm X
Malcolm in the Middle
Which of these is not an AC/DC song? Remember to use the full names of the songs...
What's Next to the Moon
You Shook Me
Bad Moon Rising
Back in Black
Which of these is an AC/DC album?
Anti-Christ Devil Children
Parkway to Heck
Bonus (More than one answer is correct): What does "AC/DC" stand for?
Anti-Christ Devil Children
Awesome Rock
Nothing: They saw it on the back of a radio
Anti-Canada Dork Commandos
Bonus Dos: Where were the brothers Young and Bon Scott born?

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