Which Beatle Are You?

Beatle Mania!! Everyone seemed to love The Beatles (though there were those kooky religious types...). If you were among the many, you might want to take this quiz.

Are you John, Paul, George, or Ringo of the Fab Four?? Find out today!! This second! Right now! The bell just rang for my next class, but you can sit and take this quiz guys!!

Created by: Amazingda
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  1. Do you get sick easily?
  2. Do people usually think you're cute?
  3. Are you a little on the crazy side?
  4. Do people not notice you most of the time?
  5. If you were going to make a movie, what would you call it?
  6. If you were to play an instrument what would it be?
  7. Random thoughts?
  8. Do you like Art?
  9. Are you a Brit or not?
  10. Okay we'll say it...The Beatles broke up. How is/did your solo career go?
  11. Are you dead or alive right now?
  12. How many Beatles concerts have you been to?
  13. Who is your favourite Beatle?
  14. When We Was Fab??
  15. How do you feel about Country music?
  16. Your wife is not a musician.
  17. Favourite Beatles album?
  18. Sleepy?

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Quiz topic: Which Beatle am I?