Do You Have One Direction Infection?

Do you love one direction? do you think you may have caught the infection from all the posters, all your friends, and the spamming of tumblr that has been created for this phenominon?

WELLL now you can take the one direction infection quiz! Discover if you are truly infected! your ovaries must regularly explode and you get pregnant almost all the time.

Created by: Tina
  1. What is One Direction?
  2. How often do you listen to Up All Night?
  3. Tumblr is:
  4. Niall is:
  5. Have you ever camped out for multiple hours to wait for the boys?
  6. What is a Directionator?
  7. how many hours do you spend thinking about the boys?
  8. Do you read Fanfics?
  9. randomly during the day your palms get sweaty and you get butterflies in your stomach.
  10. When you see someone wearing skinny jeans, stripes, and suspenders, you freak out.
  11. You cannot seem to focus on anything
  12. You feel extreme happiness when their songs come on the radio
  13. You dream about marrying the boys
  14. You love all of the boys and would do anything for them.

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Quiz topic: Do I Have One Direction Infection?