How well do you know One Direction??

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Now, before you take this quiz, please note this quiz was created on November 15, 2012. If you're taking this quiz in the year 2020 and thhings ahve changed in the band, I'm sorry :P But if you were with the boys since 2010, then you should know a lot about them!

Are YOU a Directioner? A Dirrectionator? A fan? Someone new to One Direction? Which ever one you are, take this quiz! It will test your knowledge to how well you actually know this wonderfuly boy band.

Created by: Emily (:

  1. What was the date & time that One Direction was made?
  2. Who came up with the name "One Direction"?
  3. When was band member, Louis Tomlinson, born?
  4. Who is Zayn Mailk's girlfriend?
  5. Which band member likes girls who eat carrots?
  6. What was their first album called?
  7. Where is Harry from?
  8. What place did they come in on The X Factor?
  9. What is their new album called?
  10. Who is Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend?
  11. Who is "the flirt" in the band?
  12. Who's "the jokester" in the band?
  13. Who in the band has no tattoos?
  14. Who's the "Bradford Bad Boi"?
  15. Who's "Daddy Direction"?
  16. What was their first "popular song"?
  17. How many albums are they signed on for?
  18. Who wrote their song "Little Things"?
  19. How many times has Liam been rejected by ONE person?
  20. What is Harry's favorite food?
  21. Liam's favorite food?
  22. Niall's favorite drink?
  23. Louis' worst habit?
  24. Zayn's favorite TV show?
  25. What is Liam's secret skill?
  26. Where is Niall from?
  27. What is Louis' biggest fear?
  28. Liam's "strange" fear?
  29. When is the One Direction 3D movie coming out in 2013?
  30. Who is Niall a big fan of?
  31. What is the order that their 5 music videos came out?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know One Direction??