This tests your knowledge about 1D.If your a hater then leave. We don't got room for you so you might as well find another quiz. this is for us directioners only,B4 you do this, check your facts.

Dot even think about it haters but if u want to take it you can but all it have to say is good luck...................................................

Created by: Amanda

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  1. Which one of these names aren't in 1D?
  2. What is Harry's bad habit in the house?
  3. Where is Niall from?
  4. Nialls fave restaurant is?
  5. What was Harry's first band called?
  6. How much do you love 1D?
  7. So far, do you like this quiz?
  8. What is Louis' current girlfriend's name?
  9. Does Harry still have feelings for Taylor
  10. You notices most questions were about Harry

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