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ATTENTION ALL DIRECTIONERS!!! I have something very important to say (or in my case, write) If you're not a Directioner, I kindly ask you to leave this quiz 'cause this is made for all Directioners. Thank you =)

My fellow Directioner, I've made this quiz to gain your attention for something important...oh what the bloody hell! People don't even read this part!

Created by: Orange_Juice

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  1. Hello there my loves!
  2. I'm Orange_Juice =)
  3. I would like to ask all you fellow Directioners to give your opinion about a question.
  4. So...I was thinking of making a One Direction quiz...
  5. And I want YOU to comment which one of the boys YOU would like the quiz to be about!!!
  6. Yup! That's what I'd like you to do. Comment one of the boys names (preferably, the one you like most) and that's all! (I know, I know, a true Directioner doesn't choose favourites but I'm sure you have a fave one. Even I do.)
  7. Now there's a deadline. 30th of March, 2013 (Why did I even write the year?) Whichever boys name is mentioned in the comments most, wins!
  8. So what are you waiting for? Go comment fellow Directioner! It all depends on YOU who I'll make a Love Story about ^_^
  9. Thank you for taking this quiz. Sorry if this wasn't what you expected when you read the quiz title.Anyways, thanks!!! ~XOXO~ Orange_Juice
  10. P.S: Don't forget to comment!!! I repeat, it all depends on you my friend =)

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