How Much Do You Know About One Direction?

Have you heard of One Direction? If you have, you've probably heard rumors about Directioners. Directioners are One Directions fans. We love to listen to their music, look at hot pictures of them, and much more!!

Are you a Directioner? Well, this quiz isn't about Directioners (it is in a way), it's about how much you know about One Direction. So what if you fail conpletly! Try! :)

Created by: Peggy
  1. One of _____'s sayings is: "Kevin? Kevin! KEVIN!!" Who's saying is that?
  2. One of ____'s sayings is: "POTATOES!" Who's saying is it?
  3. Who is the 'Bradford Bad Boy?'
  4. Who is the morst flirtatious?
  5. Which two have a 'bromance?'
  6. Who is the most straight?
  7. Which two have girlfriends?
  8. Who's the oldest?
  9. Who starts most of the songs?
  10. What do most girls suffer from when they see One Direction?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About One Direction?