How well do you know Zayn Malik ?

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There are many smart people but few true geniuses.genuis is,afterall,quite exceptional. what is a genuis ? a genuis is someone who has an extraordinarily clever mind,is able to solve these problems.

Are YOU a zayn malik fan ? Do you know the facts to ace this test ? try it out and find out more things even things you didnt know.take this quiz and find out in a few minutes.

Created by: Sarah_Styles18

  1. What is Zayn's middle name ?
  2. What school did Zayn attend when he was younger ?
  3. What is his favorite song ?
  4. What was his first job ?
  5. Zayn like girls with a .... ?
  6. what color is his eyes ?
  7. he has a beauty mark next to his ?
  8. Zayn is the ?
  9. His x-factor serial number is ?
  10. what animal would he be ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Zayn Malik ?