So you think you know zayn malik?

Once upon a time, an amaZayn gift was given to us from the heavens above! That gift was Zayn Malik! between One Direction's music, to Zayn's good looks, how could we ask for more!?

Exactly how much do you know about this shmexy beast? Click the button and take this trivia quiz to test your knowledge to the limit and find out if you truly are.... Zayn Malik's #1 fan!!!

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  1. What did Zayn Malik sing at his first audition on the X Factor?
  2. Who is Zayn Malik's celebrity crush?
  3. What is Zayn Malik's middle name?
  4. What is the name of the fan that Zayn Malik twit-cammed?
  5. According to age, where is Zayn Malik placed in the band one direction?
  6. How long did Zayn Malik's first relationship last?
  7. How old was Zayn Malik when he had his first girlfriend?
  8. How old was Zayn Malik when he had his first kiss?
  9. What is Zayn Malik's favorite color?
  10. How many brothers and sisters does Zayn Malik have?
  11. Where are Zayn Malik's parents from?

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