Directioner Quiz

One Direction has a lot of fans, but not all are Directioners. Are YOU a Directioner?! Directioners are the true fans of One Direction that know all the inside jokes,

People, and songs. Are YOU a Directioner?! Lets find out!! Take this quiz to see if you are a true Directioner!! Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn will love you.

Created by: lexi styles
  1. What was One Direction's first single?
  2. Which member of the band is from Ireland?
  3. Which 3 boys are single?
  4. Who is the biggest fan of Obama in the band?
  5. Who has the most hair?
  6. Who had to go to the ER due to a sea urchin during the X Factor?
  7. Who is the most popular bromance in the band?
  8. Who was dating Caroline Flack in the band?
  9. Which of the boys owns 2 turtles?
  10. NO! Jimmy Protested- was said by.
  11. From the oldest to youngest its:

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