Are you a true One Direction directioner?

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There are many One Direction fans, and so many believe that they are a true fan, claiming that they know EVERYTHING about One Direction, so this quiz is to prove if you are actually doesn't include everything about them, but it does include quite a lot.

Are YOU a directioner? Do you ACTUALLY know everything about them? Test your knowledge here...and we'll know if you are a true fan or not! Follow me on twitter: @MrsHannahPayne

Created by: Hannah Payne
  1. What did One Direction first sing in the first live shows of the X-Factor final?
  2. Who out of One Direction sang 'Isn't she lovely' in their first audition?
  3. Finish the sentence 'Louis: I like girls...who eat _____'
  4. What are Liam's sisters called?
  5. What is Niall's favourite restaurant?
  6. Finish the sentence: 'Harry: GET OUT OF MY _____'
  7. Who played 'Danny Zuko' in their school production of Grease?
  8. What did Louis describe Zayn as?
  9. Which subject did Harry say he was interested in studying at college?
  10. What band did Harry use to be in before One Direction
  11. What is Liam scared of?
  12. What did Jimmy protest?
  13. What two members of the band have the same middle name (James)?
  14. Harry went to the toilet on the plane in just:
  15. What do the boys like about Zayn?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true One Direction directioner?