Are you in love with One Direction

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There are many people who call them selves fans of One Direction but how many of them know anything about One Direction? I wrote this quiz to find out just how many people can call themselves "super fans"

Are you a superfan who knows everything there is to know about One Direction? Find out now by taking this quiz and put your One Direction knowledge to the test.

Created by: amazon
  1. What are the 5 members of One Direction called?
  2. Which Member when asked "what do look for in girls?" replied "Carrots" ?
  3. What is One Direction's first single called?
  4. Where was the video for there first single made?
  5. Which part of X-Factor did they get put together?
  6. Who was there mentor?
  7. Which member likes Justin Bieber and went along to Justin's interview on xtra-factor?
  8. Which member looks a bit like Justin bieber?
  9. Who is the oldest member of One Direction?
  10. Which is the curly haired member?
  11. Who auditioned at the age of 14 in 2008?
  12. Which member joked with Westlife about joining?
  13. Who did they perform with in the final?
  14. Which member introduced Robbie Williams?
  15. Who came up with the name "One Direction"?

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Quiz topic: Am I in love with One Direction