How likely are you to go out with your crush?

Everybody has their eye on someone. Sometimes things work out, but most often they don't. What chance do you have for love? Are you headed in the right direction?

Love and romance is yearned for by all. But people often don't know how good they're doing in the game so far. Take this quiz now to find out. Can you make your dreams come true?

Created by: beyond_the_stars23
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  1. You and your crush are friends (Please be honest)
  2. Your crush sometimes asks you for help doing something.
  3. How often do you talk to your crush?
  4. During lunch, I sit with my crush.
  5. Me and my crush have some of the same friends.
  6. Has your crush ever dated one of your friends?
  7. About how many friends would you say your crush has?
  8. When my crush first sees me, they say hi.
  9. What is the current relationship status of your crush?
  10. Do you think your crush likes someone else?
  11. Has anyone ever told you that your crush likes you?
  12. Do YOU think your crush likes you?
  13. Do you think you and your crush are compatible?
  14. How do you most often talk to your crush?
  15. Do you and your crush live in the same city/town?
  16. Does your crush have a reputation of being a "player" or having commitment issues?
  17. Does your crush have any serious medical conditions?
  18. Does your crush have any addiction or gambling problems?
  19. When you talk to your crush, who most often starts the conversation?
  20. Do you have any traits that would be deemed "undesirable"? (Be honest people)
  21. What is the age difference between you and your crush?
  22. Do you have any kids?
  23. Are you in shape? (Be honest)

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Quiz topic: How likely am I to go out with my crush?