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  • I haven't seen my crush since last year, but we text and I will see him soon, I will try to get a bit more friendly with him, maybe hug him and if he doesn't like it say, "Sorry, I am just so excited to see everyone" so he doesn't get the wrong idea is that a good idea? Someone please tell me!!!

    Girl_on_Fire Apr 19 '16, 2:43AM
  • My crush is dating someone but looks like their in a living hell whenever she's around him. I keep on hoping she dumps him. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

    Psychlone Aug 27 '15, 7:15PM
  • What the hell!why so many people posting that same bf and gf s---?!

    BlazeX Aug 17 '15, 2:36PM
  • I'm 12 my crush is so cute I only see him once a week but pretty soon I'm never gonna see him again I am so sad!!!!!!!!

    Tessamazing May 22 '15, 9:09AM
  • I got a 90% chance of going out with my crush!

    A_Softball girl Feb 22 '15, 10:48PM
  • 1. I got 75 %
    2. um of corse I don't have kids I'm 10 but my sister Ava Girl put she does have kids and she is only 14.
    3. well I all ready knew that my crush had a crush on me because back in 4th grade My friend Katie (well I didn't want to be her friend but I had to.) anyway she told 4 boys in my class that I had a crush on them when I didn't first she went to Nick than Alex than next she went to Edward (his nickname is Mickey.) Anyway she Went up to him than said " Helena has a crush on you." than Mickey said " l have a crush on her." than Katie came to me and told me everything than she went to landon and she told him I had crush on him Than everyone herd about it and was talking about it well about I had a crush on landon when Ew that is so Ew.

    HelenaGirl Nov 30 '14, 9:56PM
  • 83% wow. I knew it hahahahahahah . After like a year, finally! We have a good chance!

    yummy29 Nov 14 '14, 10:33AM
  • 64% lol... although i know he already likes someone else to the point where he confessed to her, to which she friendzoned him. but i know for a fact he still likes her cus he read her a poem on the valentine's day after. right now im mad at the girl but i cant seem to stay mad cus she's such a nice person, but he was heartbroken... i wanted them to be together cus he loves her so much, but i also want him to love me more than he loves her, but i dont think he's interested in a relationship with me...

    hopelesslove Oct 27 '14, 7:44PM
  • what can i do 41% my goosshhh.. how stupid i am.. i know that he like my best friend. better to stop this stupid feelings.

    Erlyn joy Oct 12 '14, 10:11AM
  • me and my crush when out but i broke up with him but he still likes me "liked " not sure since hes going out with someone else and his cousen said he doesnt have any feeling for me anymore but now i like him i broke up with him because i just to be friends but now i like him but then i knew he was going out with someone. :(

    marylinmonroe Jun 13 '14, 12:35AM
  • i got 86%~~~~ lets hope hahahaha

    hellopeeps123 May 15 '14, 9:06AM
  • I got a 67 percent chance of going out with my crush who is actually my boyfriend so this quid is slightly accurate

    Qwerty 2 May 4 '14, 9:01AM
  • my crush has a boyfriend hes my stupid cusion

    mjoe8479 Mar 25 '13, 7:23AM
  • I got a 13 my crush must HATE me

    mjoe8479 Mar 25 '13, 7:21AM
  • I got 68% that sucks but I kno who he likes its 1 of my "friends"...

    Pieluver10 Feb 13 '13, 10:20PM
  • my cruh is with a name starting with M i am not satisfied with this result!!but it's sometimes fells aws'me HAA HAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA

    dula Oct 17 '12, 4:38AM
  • You have a(n) 98% chance of going out with your crush

    This is a great score! There is virtually an absolute chance that you'll end up with your crush! Great! This means that things must be pretty good where they are. Try to progress your relationship patiently, and try not to screw things up.

    lexyyy Sep 22 '12, 8:50AM
  • 82% :) Yah!

    graceface May 29 '12, 8:15PM
  • You have a(n) 63% chance of going out with your crush

    This score is pretty good. I'd say you've done most things right with the relationship you have with your crush. Now just try not to screw things up.

    Yay! Hopefully this is true. My crush is five months younger than me and I can't help not smiling when I see him. His hair is longer than most boys' hair and he has a cool and sort of sly looking smile. I like him so much! Hopefully he feels sort of the same way about me. He said that I should be a model once, but I'm not for sure if that means he likes me or not.

    SockoCat Nov 25 '10, 8:39PM
  • u noe wat idk bt u r a panda joe

    ruffles138 Mar 1 '10, 9:29PM
  • so out of both my crushes, i got...
    74% for the one that isnt single XD
    and 61% for the one i just asked out...

    Hawkshadow Feb 28 '10, 3:42PM
  • You have a(n) 84% chance of going out with your crush

    This is really good! This is a good chance that you and your crush will one day end up together! Remember, just try to be yourself!

    sapphiretwirl Feb 12 '10, 12:47PM

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