I need advice please

So recently I met this really nice guy. He was so nice to me and I started to develop a massive crush. It felt like love. I thought it was. But actually For a while I had suspected him of being gay. Then a friend who I trust very much reluctantly offered proof if his definite gayness.

It was extremely hard for me and I still haven't gotten over him and its been like a week. I don't want to lose h since he's moving away soon and I wanted to get his phone number or something. So PLEASE COMMENT!! And help me out

Created by: lovemusic

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  1. read the description. This is the situation I'm in.
  2. So he's moving away and I'll probs never see him again
  3. I think I should ask for him phone number to stay in touch
  4. First of all I don't know if I should
  5. And second I don't know how
  6. Also there's the fact of him being gay or bi (I'm not totally sure) and I don't want to embarrass him by making him think I like him
  7. He is so nice and I just want to keep up our friendship
  8. So that's what I need to know. How to ask for phone number and how talk to him
  9. So that's what I need to know. How to ask for phone number and how talk to him
  10. So ya. PLEASE COMMENT!! I need help very soon!!

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