Nestor's Advice

Nestor is famous for giving a whole bunch of great advice, right before a chariot race that had nothing to do with chariot racing. That being said, the advice was used affectively after the race in the debate over the prizes.

If you want to learn more about Nestor visit some of the threads on this topic in the forums at Hour 25, a community development project from Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies.

Created by: WilliamMoulton2 of Hour 25
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  1. In Book 23 of the Iliad, Nestor describes "a sign, a very clear one" "that Achilles set up as...
  2. Which way would Nestor's son lean when making the turn at the turning post?
  3. Which horse gets the goad and slack when turning the post?
  4. Which two trees does Nestor mention in his famous advice?
  5. Herodotus mentions a big difference between the two trees mentioned above.
  6. After the flood Deucalion and Pyrrha create new men and women by tossing what over their shoulders?
  7. According to MIT's Media Lab and Google's Ngram who is the LEAST famous to these three philosophers?
  8. Which of these three playwrights is MOST famous according to Ngram?
  9. Which of Nestor's sons received the famous advice and told Achilles about Patroclus' death?
  10. Where was Nestor's kingdom?

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