Naruto Love Story 3

YYou may be thinking why I started the animelove stuff. Well I was watching the fight between Sasuke and Narutobattle and I thought... Hmmmm what would-

Happen if a girl was added in the picture but just not the nice and tough ones people have grown accoustamed with so that's when your character came in thought.

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
  1. You ran to the edge of the woods. Gaara wasn't there. "Gaara?!" you called out. The boy came out. "phew. Thought I lost you. I've got to go soon just checking in." he smiled. You gulped. He had to know. "G-gaara. I know w-weve just met... But I need to get off my chest" he looked at you questionably...
  2. "I wanted tell you so you know what you are getting into. You can leave. I'm not stopping you." He didn't leave. "Why aren't you leaving!" you shouted. He sighed. He moved his hands like so many before. Sand appeared. "y-your from the sand village?" he nodded. "I won't tell" you smiled. You hugged you and sprinted to Sakura's house. It was soon 5 oclock and you left to meet the sensei. Naruto and Saskura were slouching. You barley had your eyes opened. You fell someone caught you. It was Sasuke. You turned red.
  3. He smirked. You soon found the sensei. He explained about the criminal needing excorting. You stayed in position. Sensei stopped. Someone was following you. Mist fell. You turned the prisoner was dead. Everyone was gone. Your breathing became heavy. "Nice to see you sister. Or should I call you the mist assassin the betrayer." you gasped. There was a sword to your neck. "I won't hurt you, I'll hurt your friends, family and love ones until you come back to your rightful place" tears were streaming down his face. He gruntedf something hit him in the leg. You saw a silhouette. You ran towards them. It was Sasuke. You grabbed his hand and ran.
  4. You stopped. You moved your hands. More mist came it was thicker than the mist demon. "Who was he. What was he talking about-"you pushed a hand to his mouth. Your brother came. You moved your hands. Earth came up and blocked him. There was a feint shadow. You binded it and you heard a scream as you thought it went through his arms. The screaming stopped. Then when you least expected it.
  5. Fire burst through the wall. You screamed. Sasuke went in front of you. He winced. His left arm was burnt. "Looks like sis has a boyfriend' You gasped. "S-sis?" Sasuke looked up. "Come back and I'll spare your boyfriend!" "A-asuka w-what?" "Oh he doesn't know! Well my dear sister is the mist assassin from the Kaguya clan-" "Enough!" you cried. You moved your hands attempting th lightning attack it worked. You ran towards him. He took a lightning bolt to the head. Next was fire to the arm and earth so his body was stuck. You were crying. "USELESS! BRAT! DISSAPOINTMENT TO THE FAMILY!" Was all you heard. "Asuka?" You didn't stop. Someone grabbed you. You were screaming! "I'll kill you! I'll kill you do you hear me!" You sunked to the floor weeping. A hand held your shoulder you looked up it was Sasuke.
  6. You leapt in his arms and hugged him. He stumbled back. You cried harder. "Your alright its ok" You looked into his dark eyes. You closed your eyes expecting to be yelled at. There was a warm pressure on your lips. You opened your eyes and Sasuke drew back. "How can you even trust me?" you whispered looking down. "Because you would have killed me already. We should go back to the village to see if they are there." You nodded.
  7. The mist gew back you moved it. "The forest is familiar..." you muttered. "ASUKA?!" You turned around. Akamaru was already on you. "Sasuke?" The dog leapt off. Naruto and Kiba was standing there. "They're ok" he whispered to the transmitter. Kiba hugged you. Naruto was next. "I thought you were a goner..." "You underestimate me?" "Uh-um- I" "Calm down" you laughed. You turned to Kiba "lets go home... We need to talk" he nodded. "Bye Sasuke. Bye Naruto!" They both waved.
  8. Kiba closed the door behind him. The water works came. "Asuka?" "H-he's back" "who?" "dear old brother..." He froze. "A-are you ok?" "I'm fine now... I need to sleep. Goodnight" "Um- Naruto was wondering if you wanted to come over... Should I cancle it?" "No he's in my group... I told Sasuke already Naruto needs to know what he's in for... I'll go straight away" You hugged him. "Bye akamaru" you said as the dog licked your face. You walked.
  9. You knocked on the door. You could hear Naruto running down the stairs. He opened the door. "Hi!" "Hi..." You said. He grabbed your hand and pulled you inside.
  10. After 50 bowls of Ramen and laughsyou had to tell him. "The mist today..." "Yes? I'm prettysure you've told me everything" "No I-I've bent the truth. He wasn't after the prisoner. The mist Demon was after me... Because I have betrayed the Kaguya clan... My brother the mist demon... Making me the mist assassin... We were supposed to be extinct" He looked at you. He lifted your chin. You felt your cheeks turning red. He wiped a noodle of yourface. You smiled. He kissed you.

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