who would be your naruto boyfriend?

So I'm hanging with my sis and she asked me to make this... she wouldn't shut up. so i did it. hope you enjoy! P.S. Kiba is mine!!!!!!! ok?! got it?! good.

so sasuke, kiba, naruto or gaara. witch one do YOU want?

Created by: amanda

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  1. Don't kill me... What's your favorite color?
  2. Sasuke! ask a question! Sasuke: uuuuggghhh... fine... What animal do you like?
  3. Naruto! your turn! Naruto: do you like ramen!? (typical)
  4. Kiba!!! Kba: would you rather go out with me or the emo kid?
  5. Gaara! Gaara: What color is blood!?
  6. ???: can i ask one? Me: who are you? ???: I'm Sia. what is your favorite weapon?
  7. Witch is better?
  8. Who will die at your hands?
  9. what do you like to do?
  10. last one! I promise! Who do you want? (does not effect your answer)

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Quiz topic: Who would be my naruto boyfriend?