Who Is Your Naruto Boyfriend/husband?

Naruto is an anime and a manga by Masashi Kishimoto. There are many fangirls of male characters in the anime/manga, even though the characters are not real.

Who is your Naruto boyfriend/husband? Will you get your favourite male character or not? This quiz will determine that! Have fun!

Created by: raykawolf
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  1. Who is your favourite boy character out of these?
  2. What do you want your boyfriend/husband to be like?
  3. So... You are at a battle with an enemy, the enemy has wounded you terribly, still you fight-- then you...
  4. And your favourite boy character appears and...
  5. So... One day, you see a note on your door. What do you do?
  6. You read the note. It is a love note. It has no signature. It tells you to meet the unknown person at a specific time at a specific place. You believe the note. Who do you hope the note is from?
  7. What is the place that the unknown person asks you to meet him?
  8. What is the time that you are asked to meet him?
  9. It's the boy you hoped you were going to see! He pulls you into an embrace, and you...
  10. The boy character gives you a gift. What is it?
  11. So, this is the end of the quiz. Say yes or no. I know, there is no question, just say yes or no, no matter what question this will be!

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Quiz topic: Who Is my Naruto Boyfriend/husband?