How well do you know Shino Aburame

Hello there I made this quiz about Shino Aburame if you liked this quiz make sure to click on my account it is called Narutofanboy2222 because a lot more Naruto quizes are there.

All the credit to Masashi Kishimoto he is the creator of Naruto, Naruto Shipudden, Boruto, Naruto The last without him there would be no of this so all the credit to him.

Created by: Narutofanboy2222
  1. Who is his sensei
  2. Who are his allies (teamates)
  3. What types of bugs does Shino shoot at people
  4. Who are Shino's students
  5. What colored eyes does he have
  6. How many missions did Shino complete
  7. Which one of these options is one of Shino's jutsu
  8. Which team is he in?
  9. This question is just for fun I did a lot of research for this question Is Shino a dog or cat person
  10. When is his birthday just for fun

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Shino Aburame