The Quiz For Manga Fans

Manga are Japanese graphic novels that are read backwards compared to the typical book. Manga have inspired fashion styles, anime, cosplays, and shippings.

Are you a manga fan? Do you only like the kawaii side of things, or do you live for hentai? You might only be interested in Western-made manga. See how close you are to loving manga today!

Created by: Yuri
  1. What is your favorite manga genre?
  2. Do you like lewd adult manga?
  3. Do you like dark fantasy manga?
  4. Do you like Sailor Moon?
  5. Ok, fine. Do you like kawaii?
  6. Do you like manga adaptations of Western stories?
  7. Choose a Japanese fashion style.
  8. Choose a plot of a manga that interests you.
  9. Do you watch anime?
  10. Bye.

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