I Need Some Advice Please

I'm in a tricky situation. I think I've been rude to my friend, and now he is mad at me. I've tried apologizing, but it didn't seem to work that well.

I've thought about apologizing again, but I don't want to make it awkward if he's not actually mad at me, and I'm just imagining it. I don't think am, but you never know. Plus, I don't want it to seem like I'm making exuses for my bad mood.

Created by: Lena
  1. Please read top paragraph.
  2. So first of all, please comment! I need as much advice as I can get ! Everyone please comment!
  3. Okay, so I have this friend. His name is Mark. I've known him forever but only starting hanging out with him at the beginning of this year.
  4. He is a little older than me, but we both have an extra class twice a week together. We usually sit together in at least one of the week classes.
  5. Four weeks ago I was in a bad mood and not acting the way I usually act. I'm usually shy with people, but nice and friendly. But that night I had a lot on my mind. I just found out that my BFF had been lying to me for the past few weeks, my former-friend-turned -enemy had just started showing back up, my parents argue a lot, and I got in trouble for something innocent that someone had knocked out of proportion.
  6. So I walked into class with a headache, my stomache in knotts, and a bad mood. I went and got a seat. A few minutes later Mark showed up and sat next to me. He, As usual, started talking to me. I jist kind of smiled at him and continued to look at my lap. He pulled out his knife and was trying to show me a new trick. I just kind of smiled and barely looked at him.
  7. Well Mark got up and handed me my ipad. He asked me to watch it while he grabbed something from his locker. I said ok. Well at that moment my older sister came by and told me I needed to sit with her until we got sent to our classes. (We have a big music performance before class for the guys who play instruments.) I waited until Mark got back, then told him I was going to sit with my sister.
  8. He gave me a confused look and said okay. I went and sat with my sister. A few minutes later he came and sat with me. I smiled at him.
  9. When we got dismissed to go to class, my head was hurting even more from the music. Mark sat where we usually sit. I didn't even look at him before I sat by myself. I knew if I looked at him he would ask me to sit with him, and I just needed space.
  10. I didnt look at him all class. I could feel him staring at me, but I kept my eyes on the teacher. After class, I ran out as soon as I could.
  11. When I got home, I realized how rude I must have looked. It must have looked like I was avoiding him when I sat with my sister, then again when I sat by myself. I felt really bad, but I figured he would forgive me if I apologized. I never act like that, after all.
  12. So at the middle of the week class, I waited for him. He sat with his usual middle of the week group, and I didn't get a chance to speak to him until the middle of class. I called his name and waved him over. He looked around reluctantly, which isn't like him, but he finally walked over. Not going into detail, I told him I was sorry if I seemed rude, I just had a headache. He shrugged, said "Its okay. I didn't notice." And started to walk away. I said, "You sure?" He said, "Yep."
  13. I knew he had to have noticed. Before I had called him over he had barely looked at me, looking away everytime I tried to catch his eye.
  14. Finally class ended. As he walked by me he said hi to me. I said hey. He walked away. Later that night I handed him something to give to his mom from me. He smiled and said "She'll love it!" And finally met my eyes for the first time that night. I smiled nervously back.
  15. I don't have his number , So I dint get to see him for the next few days. When I saw him , he nodded at me and said hey, but that's all. He sat with his friend in class, so I didn't get to speak to him.
  16. I skipped class at the middle of the week, and didn't see him until the next week. I said hi, he said hi. We had two classes that day, one morning, one evening. That evening he came in late. In class he brought a friend with him. I noticed he sat in the middle of the empty back row, his friend on one side. I figured he would want to sit with his friend, so I sat by myself. Maybe I should have asked to sit with him? He might have thought I was ignoring him.
  17. After class we had snack. I came in late and everyone had already gotten plates. I jokingly said to my brother, "Oh no, did you eat it all?" Mark goes "Here" in an irritated and really short voice and hands me his plate. Our eyes met for a minute and I tried to smile, but all I could do was stare. He left without looking at me.
  18. That night, he walked by me three times without saying a word to me. My worries are these;: Is he still made at me?! Sometimes, when I'm nervous, I sound kind of rude because I'm fighting so hard to keep my head. So I might have sounded rude when I talked to him.
  19. So what should I do to get him to forgive me?! Please help! I need to fix this! He's my friend and I don't want to lose him over this. Please comment as much advice as possible! Thank you!

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