How is your company organized and ways to improve it

Many companies can use different techniques to improve and meet their goals. This quiz will allow a quick evaluation of your company's organizational structure and give advice on how to make it better.

This quiz may not work for every company, but give it a try anyway! After all, you don't need to follow this advice. Also, this quiz will have more questions and responses in the future.

Created by: Red 4
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  1. What type of organizational structure is currently in place in your company?
  2. Is your work performance evaluated often?
  3. Do you feel that you have too many specific controls?
  4. Which of the following does your company focus on the most?
  5. How many underlings report to a single supervisor?
  6. Do you have a team-oriented work environment?
  7. Would you say task uncertainty is high or low?
  8. Would you say the professionalism is high or low?
  9. Would you say the interdependence is high or low?
  10. Is your company currently meeting its goals?

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Quiz topic: How is my company organized and ways to improve it